Chalev’s Rebuildables was founded approximately 15 years ago as a hobbies dealer. At that time Chalev’s Rebuildables bought and sold automobiles, which we considered personally desirable to own and drive. Fast forward to present day; we still hold true to this original concept of buying autos that we personally would drive and appreciate. Our cars are always with low miles and unique in some characteristic. These cars are specifically sought after because they are some of the most efficient, convenient, fast, or luxurious vehicles in the industry. If an auto is without one or more of these or other specifically individualized traits, we are not interested in handling that vehicle personally or for our customers. On our website you would see three major sections.

“Cars for Sale”: This area displays available vehicles available for immediate sale. We typically repair up to 20 cars per month. Due to our unmatched incredibly low prices on our highly desirable automobiles, our inventory typically shows a quick turn over, so if you see a car you favor, act quickly.

“Coming Soon”: This section displays cars presently in inventory, currently under repair, and for sale in the near future. If interested in a specific vehicle one may call our office to secure that individual auto by leaving a deposit.

“Before and After”: This area is designed to display cars which we have rebuilt and reconditioned. When a particular picture is clicked a link will be activated, which shows the location at which it was sold.

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